All of InFoPaK International, Inc. products start with clear PETE plastic (the same type of plastic used in 2 liter soda bottles) and 100% made In the USA. During prototyping, an optimum thickness is determined for each product. Next, the PETE plastic is fed through an in-line thermoforming machine. This PATENTED, manufacturing process, thermoforms the PETE plastic into brochure displays and dispensers at a rate of approximately 9,000 units a day. In addition to this efficiency, the patented process makes the InFoPaK, the InFoPaK JR, the InFoLeF and the InFoRaK clear, strong, lightweight, weather resistant, and INEXPENSIVE!

The one-piece thermoformed InFoPaK, InFoPaK JR, InFoLeF, and InFoRaK is now ready to be folded into box form. This unique manufacturing process also allows our items to be nested and shipped flat (which works well for international shipments). Literally taking only seconds, the thermoformed plastic product snaps together, nicely, creating brochure displays and dispensers. For more information on assembling our products, click here to download our assembly instructions.

Once the thermoformed plastic is snapped together, the product is complete. The lid on the InFoPaK and the InFoPaK JR are designed to snap back into place, keeping contents protected from the elements. All of the products are engineered to be lightweight (very easy to handle), very versatile (can be mounted ANYWHERE, even on automobiles), fully recyclable (number 1 recycle plastic), and BEST of all INEXPENSIVE! Many large corporations such as Boeing, MacDonalds, Monsanto, Pfizer, Unisource and others have already found that these are valuable products that work…and work efficiently and economically!